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About Us

Graphics Plus was started by former owner David Hell over forty years ago. A craftsman and master printer from his earliest days in the print world, David knew the difference between the art of printing and ordinary production. Making a name for himself as a creative thinker and a problem solver, David approached every job as unique and full of potential.

Today, no matter how large or small, each project is treated with the utmost respect to both the customer and to our environment.

Graphics Plus is now forging ahead, enhancing our artisan printing capabilities with mailing and fulfillment services.

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Responsible Printing

We are especially aware that many companies and designers are looking to walk the talk in all their marketing materials. That’s why the Plus in our name refers to much more than printing on recycled papers with soy-based inks. It’s about all the little things we do that make us a sustainable company including:

  • Enjoying our work with non-profits and local businesses
  • Working closely with customers in the design stage to ensure printing success
  • Resourcing only the most appropriate green papers and printing with vegetable-based soy inks
  • Separating and recycling everything we can in our shop, including scrap paper and pad donations to local schools
  • Providing a living wage to our employees and building prosperity in our community
  • Acquiring one of the first chemistry-free computer to plate systems on the market (and our new digital printer has the highest rating for energy efficiency)

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Member of the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability